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With a population of 535 inhabitants according to the 2011 census, the Local Community of Imerovigli belongs to the Municipal Community of Thira and includes Imerovigli and Panagia Kalou. The very popular Imerovigli is 3 kilometers northwest of Fira and 300 meters above sea level. The village’s name, a combination of the Greek words for “day” and “watchtower,” comes from a small tower in the village that functioned as a watchtower by day (due to its geographic position), providing early warning to the residents before the appearance of pirates. Imerovigli’s trademark is the rock that once housed the Venetian Castle of Skaros. Today the village attracts thousands of visitors daily with its unique view, the striking architecture of its houses and accommodations (many of which are in cave buildings), and all the tourist facilities that one could desire.


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Center : Imerovigli
Water : Island
Population 2011 : 535
Type of Place : ScenicScenic
Kallikratis Code : 60010108


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