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Tour of the Volcano

We are on the islet of Nea Kameni, or what is known as "the volcano"--the volcanic island created by the eruption of 1570. It covers 340 hectares, with its highest point 127 meters above sea level. It is a monument of major scientific interest, and the Ministry of Culture has designated it a historic place of exceptional natural beauty.


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Along with the famous sunset, the volcanic island is rightfully the top attraction of Santorini for millions of visitors from all over the world. We can reach the small island by tour boat from the Old Port of Fira, where there are very frequent connections, especially in the summer months. The cost of transportation to the volcano ranges from 20 euros / person (if you choose a simple visit to the volcano and hot springs) up to 26 euros (with additional visits to Thirasia and Oia).

The trips last 3 and 4.5 hours, respectively. Once you arrive on the volcanic island, you pay another small fee (about 5 euros) and start your tour. It is necessary to wear athletic shoes and light clothes and to take water and sunscreen.

After a climb of about 20 minutes, we find the first craters, about which you can learn from both the tour guide and the information leaflet that is distributed for free on the islet.

From the depths of the earth, sulfur gushes out, with steam in some places, while the rugged landscape is complemented by the volcanic rocks and the reddish soil. The view of Santorini and the island of Thirasia across the water is simply unique ....

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