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Prophet Elias

At 304 meters altitude, the church of the Prophet Elias (Profitis Ilias) at Imerovigli is located at the second highest point on Path 9 (aside from the village of Imerovigli). It is 750 meters from the snack bar in Mouzakia, and it will take you approximately 20 minutes. At the point just before the path starts to climb above the road, there are two choices about how to continue. Both lead to the church of the Prophet Elias. The first, on the right, is steeper and more difficult, but shorter, running along the edge of the caldera. The second, on the left, is a smoother cobblestone path with a gentler slope, but it passes behind the Prophet Elias hill (with views to the east) and then ascends to the right on the paved road that reaches the church of the Prophet Elias. The church is beautiful, with a spacious paved courtyard that is partly shaded by a few pines (which are rare in Santorini). The church dates back to 1750.


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Altitude (in meters) : 304
Time Reference : 1750
Access : RoadRoad
Accessible : ModerateModerate
Duration of Visit : 30 minutes


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