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Kato Zachlorou

Community of the Municipal District of Kalavryta made up of the villages of Ano and Kato Zachlorou. Kato Zachlorou is a very lovely village, built inside the Vouraikos Gorge over the river. The village has very good touristic infrastructure, as much in terms of accommodation as well as restaurants and tavernas. It is highly regarded as a tourist attraction as much for its surroundings as for the rack railway that goes up the gorge from Diakopto up to Kalavrita. Kato Zachlorou is a good starting point to cross Vouraikos Gorge towards Diakopto, walking along the railway track (13km 31/2 hours). It is also worth walking the old footpath that connects the village with the Mega Spilaio (Large Cave) 25-40 minutes. Ano Zachlorou is a small mountain village 230 meters higher than Kato Zachlorou, without permanent residents according to the 2011 census.


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Center : Kato Zachlorou
Population 2011 : 53
Kallikratis Code : 37050112


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