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Kato Vlasia

Community of the Municipal District of Kalavryta made up of the villages of Menychtaiika, Metochi and Kato Vlasia. Kato Vlasia is a very beautiful village and together with Ano Vlasia (they were formerly one united village), built in amphitheatre style on the fir covered slopes of Mount Kalifonio,in the Erymanthos mountain range. Below the village flows the River Selinoudas whose main sources are located a few kilometres further down, after Menichtaiika. Beautiful stone built houses and rich, natural surroundings are the main characteristics of both villages. On a hill 3km NW of Kato Vlasia, excavations have revealed the walls of the acropolis of its ancient town and there is an ancient theatre on the east slope of the hill.


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Center : Kato Vlasia
Population 2011 : 131
Kallikratis Code : 37050111


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