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Community of the Municipal District of Kalavryta made up of Bouboukas and Manesi. Manesi is a lovely village along the minor road Kalavryta-Patras, 21km west of Kalavryta. It took its name from the Manesis family that first inhabited the village. The old location of the village was in the foothills of Mount Erymanthos, in the 'Palio Manesi' location. At the beginning of the 20th century, the village was the centre of the region, providing administrative services, a market and Greek school. Today, the village numbers around 200 residents. Bouboukas is a small mountain village of 24 permanent residents. The village is situated in rich flora and fauna surroundings and with many sources of water, principally the source on the road towards the Church of the Dormition.


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Popularity: 340


Center : Manesi
Population 2011 : 225
Kallikratis Code : 37050121


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