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Kato Zachlorou

Kato Zachlorou is a very lovely village inside the Vouraikos Gorge, above the river. The village has good tourist infrastructure in terms of both accommodation and restaurants and tavernas. It is highly regarded as a tourist attraction for its natural surroundings and for the rack railway that goes up the gorge from Diakopto to Kalavryta, with a stop here. Kato Zachlorou is a good starting point for passing through Vouraikos Gorge towards Diakopto, walking along the railway track (13 km, 3.3 hours). It is also worth walking the old footpath that connects the village with Mega Spilaio Monastery (25-40 minutes).


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Altitude (in meters) : 602
Population 2011 : 38
Type of Place : ScenicScenic
Kallikratis Code : 3705011201
Administrative Center of : Municipal/Community Area


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