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Path Nine (9)

Path Nine (9) is the most popular hiking route on the island. It runs along the caldera (a large, bowl-shaped volcanic crater that is mostly submerged), almost to its edge, and connects Fira with Oia (9,800 meters, 3 hours). It is the ideal way to feel the magic of the natural beauties of the island. Along the way, we will climb and descend hills several times, as the path climbs from 185 meters at Oia to 356 meters at Imerovigli, followed by a descent to 185 meters again in Fira. The path offers a rather easy hike and can be started at either end. Before Imerovigli (coming from Oia), it becomes a cobblestone trail. In Oia, the path begins shortly after the parish church of Saint George (Agios Georgios). Here we see one of the trail signs in an alley in Imerovigli which informs us about the distance (in time) from Fira (25 minutes) and Oia (2 hours and 30 minutes).


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