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Toward Saint Anthony

Path Three (3) basically includes the classic way up from the monastery of the Life-Giving Spring (Zoodochos Pigi) to the top of Kalamos and the monastery of Kalamiotissa. The path in its full extent, though, begins 1.1 kilometers before the church of Saint (Agios) Mamas, and 1.7 kilometers from the church of the Virgin Mary Axinon (Panagia ton Axinon), where we will see a sign pointing toward the churches of Saint Anthony (Agios Antonios, 1 hour away) and Saint (Agios) Dimitrios (10 minutes). The road leading to Saint Anthony (a 13th century Byzantine church with important murals) is uniquely eyecatching. Even more so is the end of the route at Saint Anthony (2.3 kilometers from the beginning). From here the path continues uphill to the south and ends in 3.3 kilometers at the monastery of the Life-Giving Spring.


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Altitude (in meters) : 248
Distance : 2300 meters
Duration of Visit : 1 hour
Difficulty : ModerateModerate
Style : ScenicScenic
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