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"According to mythology, the Argonauts returning from Colchis to Iolkos ran into a great storm and begged the god Apollo to save them. In response, he diffused light with a bright arrow, and an island appeared in front of them. That is how Anafi got its name: from anefani, meaning ""emerged."" The southernmost and remotest island of the Cyclades, Anafi hides a unique charm that will invite you to indulge in its many attractions. It offers several Cycladic features--the bright sun, the wind, the beautiful sandy beaches with crystal clear water, the picturesque white town of Chora, and the wild, arid landscape—as well as several characteristics found only on this distinctive island, such as the impressive monolith of Kalamos, the unique ovens, the ossuaries, the scattered ancient relics, and the delicious local food and sweets. The extensive network of trails on the island combined with its small size make it an ideal place to explore on foot. You will definitely not regret exploring it.


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Altitude (in meters) : 291
Center : Chora


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