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Path to Vigla

The highest peak on Anafi is Vigla (581m), which is located in the northern part of the island. We can reach it in two ways. One is from the little church of the Cross (Stavrou), via a path that branches off to the northeast toward Vigla (distance about 1km, approximately 25-30 min for the ascent). The other route starts from a point 300 meters southwest of the church of the Virgin Mary of the Mountains. From this point the ascent is steeper, but the altitude difference is smaller (180m). The total distance of the ascent is 800m, we can divide it into two main sections. The first and longest is the steepest and most tiring. As soon as we finish it, we reach a plateau. Then we can start to enjoy the beautiful view as we prepare to take the last steps to reach the top of Vigla (total climbing time 25-35 min). In the end, our effort will be rewarded with a wonderful unobstructed panoramic view of the entire island. Remember to be careful during the descent, the last part is quite steep.


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Altitude (in meters) : 508
Distance : 800 meters
Duration of Visit : 30 minutes
Difficulty : Moderate to difficultModerate to difficult
Style : Nice endNice end



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