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Vigla Hilltop

An observation point, as the word ‘Vigla’ indicates, at the highest point near the settlement, north of it. We can reach it via a passable dirt road. At the highest point on the hill, at 123 meters altitude, we will find the typical elevation marking column of the GYS (Army Geographic Service). A few meters below it, the Municipality has built two semicircular rows of stone bleachers from which one can enjoy a panoramic view of the settlement of Psara and the hill of Mavri Rachi (Palaiokastro). A few meters before the stone bleachers, we can see the dilapidated cylindrical stone bases of four windmills.


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Altitude (in meters) : 123
Distance : 1500 meters
Duration of Visit : 30 minutes
Difficulty : EasyEasy
Style : Nice endNice end



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