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Path to Pounta tou Rousou and Isaris Beach

To reach Pounta tou Rousou at the northern tip of the island, we walk northwest of the church of Saint Isidore (without a clear path). We descend among low vegetation, shrubs, and thyme, and about 300 meters from the church, we enter the Klava riverbed. This is the safest and quickest way to proceed. 1300 meters from the beginning, the stream bed ends up in a valley where it leads directly to Isaris Beach in 400 meters. On the left we will see the rock of Pounta tou Rousou. We climb the rock with its striking sharp, jet-black shale stones, and we move up to its ridge. The view is impressive, with the valley and the beach of Isaris on the right and steep cliffs on the left that end at small beaches accessible only by sea. Arriving at the top, we will see the point at the edge where the Psarians had installed their canons (so that the location is called Kanoni, which means ‘canon’).


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Altitude (in meters) : 13
Distance : 1700 meters
Duration of Visit : 2 hours
Difficulty : ModerateModerate
Style : ScenicScenic
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