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Northern Beach

From the old Mill of Aravi in the northern part of Chora, follow the island's main road west for 1,200 meters. At this point, the road intersects with the one that heads south to Kampos Beach. In the opposite direction (that is, north), we will see in the background a sandy beach. We can approach it by road, and then head down to it on a path that starts from the road at the point we show here. It is not worth the effort, however, because access is difficult, and the beach is not ideal, especially when it is windy.


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Altitude (in meters) : 35
Type of Place : SecludedSecluded
Type of Seabed : PebblePebble
Type of Beach : Small pebblesSmall pebbles
Small rocksSmall rocks
Access : PathPath
Accessible : ModerateModerate



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