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Monodendri Beaches

The beaches of Monodendri are in the northeastern part of the island. The main beach was named after the only tree (mono dentri, in Greek) that rises grandly above a little peninsula. Heading east of the settlement on the island’s main road, we can reach the beach by following the signs for Monodendri. The road continues for another 1,500 meters beyond the little church of Saint John the Baptist (Agios Ioannis o Prodromos). From the point where we leave our vehicle, we continue for 300 meters on a passable footpath to reach the beaches. Where the path ends, we can see the main beach in the background to our left. Walking toward it, we will also pass a smaller beach with pebbles and clear blue water. To our right, however, there is a very picturesque pebbly beach (reminiscent of Pori Beach in Koufonisia) well hidden beneath a cliff. It is accessible via a short path which doesn't appear immediately, go back to the right a little and then turn left to descend the small cliff. Be careful,


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Altitude (in meters) : 13
Type of Place : ScenicScenic
Depth : NormalNormal
Type of Seabed : PebblePebble
Type of Beach : Small pebblesSmall pebbles
Organized : No
Suitable for : CouplesCouples
Young peopleYoung people
Access : Dirt roadDirt road
Accessible : NormallyNormally



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