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Religious SiteChurchReligious Site // Church

Church of the Life-Giving Spring
(Pano Zoodochos Pigi)

We will find the little church of the Life-Giving Spring (Zoodochos Pigi) tucked into the rock if we follow the section of Path 3 between Ancient Thera and Kamari. (Path 3 also connects Perissa with Ancient Thera and Kamari.) Starting at the point where the winding road meets the path, it is only a short distance (8 to 10 minutes’ walk) to the church. Next to the church, there is a 26 meter long cave. In ancient times, the natural spring inside the cave was the main source of drinking water for both the nearby city of Ancient Thera, and the whole island.


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Altitude (in meters) : 201
Chronological Period : Classical Period
Access : PathPath
Accessible : ModerateModerate
Duration of Visit : 40 minutes


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