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Episkopi Gonias
(Episkopi, Panagia)

The church of the Virgin Mary of Episkopi (Panagia tis Episkopis) is an 11th century Middle Byzantine cruciform church with a dome. It was built in honor of the Assumption of the Virgin by Emperor Alexios I, Komnenos (also written Alexius I, Comnenus). In the past it was the seat of the Orthodox, and later Roman Catholic, diocese. The most precious relic of the church is the icon of the Virgin Mary Glykofilousa (Panagia Glykofilousa, sweetly kissing Virgin Mary). This large processional icon of the Virgin and Child with the figures of six Hierarchs in the framework is an important work of Byzantine art, as it is of particular iconographic and stylistic interest. After preservation by the Ministry of Culture, the icon was permanently returned to the church of Episkopi, with a modern addition to ensure the appropriate climate for its conservation.


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Altitude (in meters) : 145
Time Reference : 11th Century AD
Chronological Period : Byzantine Period
Access : RoadRoad
Accessible : NormallyNormally
Duration of Visit : 30 minutes


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