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Trails of Serifos

Serifos is an ideal place for hiking on trails, because the island’s road network is not very extensive. However, only a few trails are marked well enough so that someone can follow them without help from a local or an experienced guide. Below we present the paths of Serifos that have been marked, and there are dozens of others which we hope will be marked in the future.


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Pano Chora is one of the most picturesque in the Aegean
Serifos (480)
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The Trails of Serifos

Serifos is ideal for hikes and trails. Eleven (11) paths have been mapped on the island; 1, 1A, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6 and 10 are sufficiently marked, and 7, 8 and 9 partially signposted.

Path 1: Chora - Kedarchos (Kallitsos)

Path 1 starts at Kentarhos (Kallitsos) , descending to the south from the picturesque village, and ends in Pano Chora. About 500 meters from Kentarhos, it starts to follow the old dirt road up to Vounaki, with a very beautiful view to the east, and from there it continues for another 1,300 meters to the gorgeous little church of the Upper Cross (Pano Stavros). Next it descends to the church of the Lower Cross (Kato Stavros), passing below it, climbs to the church of Saint Stephen (Agios Stefanos), and continues to Chora, passing a small stone bridge and an old well (about 700 meters before Pano Chora), and ending at the square of the Mills. It is approximately 4.4 kilometers long; estimated hiking time: 90-100 minutes.

Path 1A: Chora - Livadi

Path 1A is the most famous, easiest, and most popular path that leads from Chora to Livadi. It begins at the square of the Mills (plateia Mylon), crosses through the narrow streets of Chora, passes Kastro, and reaches Kato Chora. As we descend its small streets, after passing the elementary school and the Folk Museum, we see the little church of Saint Anthony (Agios Antonios) on our left. We continue, crossing the main road that leads to Livadi, always following the clearly visible signposts. All along the way, the view of the harbor is magnificent. As we descend to Livadi, Chora appears impressively behind us.... The length of the route is 2.6 kilometers; estimated time 45-55 minutes.

Path 2: Chora - Church of Saint George among the Flagstones - Gyftika (Heliport)

About 2.2Km long, Path 2 begins near the three renovated windmills in Pano Chora. It is also called the Flagstone Road or Dromos ton Plakon, because from this point until about the middle of the trail it is paved with wide slabs laid down on top of an old miners' route. It is one of the most famous sights on the island. About 2/3 of the way along the trail, we come to the little church of Saint George among the Flagstones (Agios Georgios, or Ai-Giorgi, stis Plakes). After the church, we continue effortlessly on an unpaved trail until Gyftika, at the beginning of the final stretch leading to the gate of the heliport. Our return trip compensates us with a magnificent view of Chora as well as a downhill walk along the Flagstone Road, starting at the church of Saint George. Estimated walking time: 45 to 50 minutes.

Path 3: White Tower (Akonidia) - Koutalas

About 2.3 kilometers long, Path 3 begins at the point where we turn onto the short dirt road toward the White Tower (Aspros Pyrgos), in the area of Akonidia. On the downhill path to the beautiful coastal settlement of Koutalas, we will get to know part of the rich history of mining in the area and on the island. In about the middle of the path, we will find rails (from the mines) which are better and shorter to follow than the main path (which we can leave briefly and then follow again after the rails). On the first part of the trail, we will open and close two gates in fences (where there is also a deterrent sign that indicates a dead end). Estimated walking time: 60 to 70 minutes.

Path 4: Gyftika (Heliport) - Varsamos - Panagia

About 4 kilometers long, Path 4 begins across from the road that leads to the heliport, near Gyftika. A sign points to a path to (the ravine) Varsamos. About 1,000 meters from this point, the trail meets the dirt road that starts at the church of the Prophet Elias (Profitis Ilias) in the Mountains and leads to the church of the Virgin Mary (Panagia) Kamarotis. We follow the road for about 1,000 meters until we see on our right a sign marked with a 4; there we make a right, moving east to end up at the beautiful settlement of Panagia. The path is not always visible because of the vegetation, but the view of the interior of Serifos is spectacular. Estimated walking time 70 to 80 minutes.

Path 5: Panagia - Sykamia

About 3 kilometers long, Path 5 starts at the beautiful village of Panagia (just past the church of the Virgin Mary, or Panagia) and ends at the gorgeous beach of Sykamia. About 800 meters down the path, after we pass the chapel of Saint (Agia) Anastasia, we will go through Kato Dipotamata (1,000 meters from the path's beginning), which is rich in vegetation, springs and water and has a concrete bridge. Two kilometers from Panagia, the trail becomes a dirt road that ends at the southwest edge of the beach, near the only taverna located there. Estimated walking time: 60 to 70 minutes.

Path 6: Pyrgos - Galani - Sykamia

About 3.7Km long (up to Sykamia), Path 6 starts beneath the abandoned village of Pyrgos, passes by the church of Saint (Agios) Polykarpos in Potamia, crosses the fertile valley, and ends at the large village of Galani (about 1,800 meters from its starting point). Then it descends for another 1,800 meters or so (at some points paved) to the gorgeous beach of Sykamia, ending at its northeastern end. From this point the trail continues along the coastline, on the rocks (be careful to follow the white painted round marks). It continues for about 1,100 meters and ends at the small but picturesque beach of Skala, with the little church of Saint Nicholas (Agios Nikolaos) a little higher up. Estimated walking time: 70 to 80 minutes.

Path 7: Church of the Virgin Mary in Liomantra - Avessalos

About 2 kilometers long, Path 7 starts just below and to the right of the small church of the Virgin Mary (Panagia) in Liomantra (across from the ruins of the ancient Mycenaean wall). The path descends to the beautiful bay and beach of Avessalos, ending at its northern end. The trail is in good condition and has widely spaced signposting. Estimated walking time: 45 to 50 minutes.

Path 8: Sklavogianni (Saint Thekla) - Church of Saint George - Karavas - Church of Saint George of Watchtowers - Sykamia

About 6.8 kilometers long, Path 8 is the longest of the numbered paths on the island and perhaps the most beautiful. It begins on the right, below the point (at the closed gate) where the path to the church of Saint Thekla ascends straight ahead. Along the way, we will descend to the little church of Saint George (Agios Georgios) with the circular stone base of a tower next to it; we will pass the beautiful beach of Karavas; we will ascend to Pyrgi and the area of Vatoudi, reaching the little white church of Saint George of Watchtowers (Ai Giorgi tu Vigli) , which overlooks the sea from above; and we will continue on a fascinating path along the coast, ending up at the southwest end of the wonderful beach of Sykamia. Estimated walking time: 150 to 160 minutes.

Path 9: Churches of Saint Catherine - Saint John - Panagia - Saint Panteleimon

About 3.2Km long, Path 9 is the least known of the eleven trails. It starts a few meters east of the church of Saint Catherine (Agia Aikaterini) , which is located about 1,000m northwest of the substation of the public power corporation (DEI) in Livadi. The trail ascends for about 1,000m toward the church of Saint John the Theologian (Agios Ioannis o Theologos) and continues for another 750 meters toward the little church of the Virgin Mary (Panagia). Then it goes on for another 300 meters to Pente Pigadia (which means "five wells"). At this point, it turns into a narrow dirt road and after 1,200 or 1,300 meters ends at the rough dirt road that leads to the church of Saint (Agios) Panteleimon (in 350 meters), a point with a very beautiful view of the bay of Livadi. Estimated walking time: 75 to 85 minutes.

Path 10: Kentarhos (Kallitsos) - Xero Chorio - Church of the Virgin Mary of Skopianis - Kentarhos

Path 10 is the most recently marked path (marked in 2013) and one of the most beautiful on Serifos. It starts and ends at the same point, the picturesque village of Kentarhos (Kallitsos). Its fascinating route takes us near windmills, dovecotes, orchards, springs, and the impressive church of the Virgin Mary (Panagia) of Skopianis. From Kentarhos it ascends to the southwest toward the area of Xero Chorio (between two hills with antennas), and then descends to the little church of the Prophet Elias (Profitis Ilias) , intersects the roadway to the north, reaches Triantafyllos, and again ascends to the south to the church of the Virgin Mary of Skopianis, concluding where it started in Kentarhos. It is about 5 kilometers long; estimated hiking time: 110 to 120 minutes.

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