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To barko tis Maritsas

Το μπάρκο της Μαρίτσας


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The Barque of Maritsa

In the center of the action on the coastal road of Galaxidi, the Barque of Maritsa Restaurant impresses visitors with both the architecture and aesthetics of its building and the unique flavors offered by its kitchen. For years it has been the haunt of gourmets visiting Galaxidi, since its chef creates unrivaled dishes using carefully selected products. Thousands of visitors that come to Galaxidi have tasted the dishes of The Barque of Maritsa.

The building used to house a cafe frequented by ship captains, and it has retained its old character and atmosphere. The outside tables are right next to the sea, and from every point you will have a view of the Bay of Galaxidi and the beautiful boats on the shore of Oianthi.

With regard to the menu, tradition combined with modern tastes really makes it difficult to choose from the wide array of dishes offered. Among the most interesting flavors are pumpkin pie with fennel, linguini with saffron, shrimp with vodka, farfalle with salmon, and of course the freshest, masterfully cooked fish.

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