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Explore Aegina

Five different tours to explore an island that offers a variety of beautiful sights.


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Five sightseeing tours of Aegina

We start our exploration of the island of Aegina with a tour of Aegina town. See the Kolona hill and the Archaeological Museum. Walk the town’s streets and admire the beautiful neoclassical buildings, the Tower of Markellos and many more sights worth seeing that are described in the tourist guide.

Continue eastwards following the tourist guide for Kypseli, Kontos and Messagrosand become acquainted with the hill of Paliachora with its 32 out of the 350 churches that used to exist, the Holy Monastery of the Holy Trinity and the distinguished Church of Saint Nectarios. Visit Messargos with its many ceramic workshops.

The next tour, Sightseeing around the northern and eastern coasts of Aegina, takes us on a coastal trip from Agioi Anargyroi up to Αgia Marina via Souvala and Vagia. The visit to Aphaia constitutes a basic must for any touristic visit to Aegina.

Explore alpine Aeginafollowing the tour guide. Traditional villages and hills with views towards the sea await your acquaintance.

Finally, visit the southern section of the island with perhaps the best beaches of the island and the secluded, with wildlife Moni Island.

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