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Saint Dimitrios

Leaving Stemnitsa on the road toward Dimitsana, we can see on our right a sign for Saint (Agios) Dimitrios. Here we can find the remains of the Monastery of Saint Dimitrios and a newer little church, a single-aisled basilica without frescoes.


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Altitude (in meters) : 1011
Chronological Period : Byzantine Period
Access : RoadRoad
Dirt roadDirt road
Accessible : NormallyNormally
Duration of Visit : 15 minutes

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Location - History

Leaving Stemnitsa on the road toward Dimitsana, we can see on our right a sign for Saint (Agios) Dimitrios (after about 3 kilometers).

After climbing the hill for 100 meters, we will find the little church of Saint Dimitrios on our left. It is a small single-aisled basilica, without frescoes.

If we walk through the grass east of the church for less than 100 meters, we will find the ruined gate of the monastery of Saint Dimitrios rising up in front of us. Some cells of the monastery have survived.

According to historical evidence, the monastery was active in the year 1673. At the time of the Venetian domination, the monastery flourished, but it was deserted in 1715 (with the second Ottoman domination). In 1736 a monk from Stemnitsa, Akakios Kouvaras, and his mother, the nun Parthenia, began the reconstruction of the monastery that was completed in 1745. In 1779, after the Albanians invaded the Peloponnese (during the Orlov Revolt of 1770), the monastery was burned down and plundered. Its final end was sealed in 1790 with a synod of the Ecumenical Patriarch Neophytus (or Neophytos) VII.


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