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The Virgin Mary Mesosporitissa

On our left 750 meters southeast of Pachia Rachi, we will find the little church of the Presentation of the Virgin Mary (Eisodion tis Theotoku), which is also called Virgin Mary (Panagia) Mesosporitissa because it has its annual festival in the middle (meso) of sowing (spora) on November 21st. The cemetery for the church's priests and the village residents is also here. Path Four (4), which descends from Agios Leontios to reach Pachia Rachi, passes this point. The distance from here to Saint Leontios is 1,800 meters (about 50 minutes).


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Altitude (in meters) : 262
Access : RoadRoad
Accessible : NormallyNormally
Duration of Visit : 15 minutes


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