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Footpath 1 Panagia Village - Papas Peak

Iraklia and Donoussa have the best signposted network of community trails in the Lesser Cyclades. Path One (1) starts at the water tank that is situated 200m southwest of the village of Panagia and ends at the peak of Mount Papas, the highest point on the island at 420m. The total distance of the footpath is 1,800m, and the greatest difference in altitude is 190m. The total duration of the trip, without stops, is 30' to 40'. Difficulty is medium, all ascending going and descending on the return. The view is beautiful throughout the trip up to the peak, where we find the typical little cement column of the Military Geographic Service with its trigonometric sign. To our north is the southern coast of Naxos, to our northeast the remaining Lesser Cyclades spread out in a line, to the southeast in the background is Amorgos, and to our west is Ios. The ultimate definition of deep blue. Descending on the way back, we look down on the lovely little Chapel of the Prophet Elias to the east.


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Altitude (in meters) : 240
Distance : 1800 meters
Duration of Visit : 35 minutes
Difficulty : Moderate to difficultModerate to difficult
Style : ScenicScenic
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