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Footpath 5:Saint Ioannis Cave - Alimnia Cove

Path Five (5) starts at the Cave of Agios Ioannis as a continuation of Path Three (3) and heads to the west for 1,400 meters, above the cove of Alimnia at Averou. There are not any great differences in altitude; the path moves from around 90 meters at its lowest point just after the cave up to 160 meters, its highest point, at Aloni (where the cove of Alimnia is on our right and that of Karvounolakkos is on our left). The excursion takes about 30 minutes, and the walk is relatively easy.


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Altitude (in meters) : 89
Distance : 1400 meters
Duration of Visit : 30 minutes
Difficulty : ModerateModerate
Style : ScenicScenic



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