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Inland settlement 3.5 km southwest of Palamidas. Enjoy the wonderful view of Molos Beach from the road that passes through pine groves. Remains of the early Hellenic period have been found in this area.


A very beautiful walk in Hydra follows the path from the village of Palamidas to Episkopi (the only inland settlement on the island, aside from Zogeri).

Palamidas was the old fortification that once defended the island, a 20 minute walk from Vlichos (2.3 kilometers). Here we find the Voulgaris mansion and the house in which, according to tradition, Kapoudan Pasha lived. There is a shipyard for boat maintenance and repair.

A decent dirt road begins here that will take us 3.6 kilometers to the inland village of Episkopi at an altitude of 200 meters. The route is gorgeous, through pine woods (one of the few in Hydra).

Notice the little stone bridges at the beginning of the route, after Palamidas. Next to the second bridge, 700 meters from Palamidas, a path leads to the right. In 1,500 meters it will take us to the beautiful beach of Molos. 2,300 meters from Palamidas, we can stop to enjoy the view of Molos and its beach from an altitude of 150 meters.

In the area of Episkopi, ruins from the Early Helladic period have been identified. At Episkopi, paths begin that lead to the monument to the victims of the fire of 2007 (after 1,400 meters), the small peninsula of Nisiza (2,300 meters), the settlement of Zogeri (2,400 meters), and (from there) the beach of Agios Nikolaos (another 1,400 meters).


Episkopi - Hydra

Palamidas - Hydra

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