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Sailing around Hydra

If you can afford a (small) boat, then sailing around the island (about 46km or 25 nautical miles) is going to be an unforgettable experience.


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St. Kiprianos
St. Nikolaos
Mavri Myti Bay
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Ledeza Bay
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Limioniza Beach
Mira Mare Beach
Mira Mare
Molos - Tsmadou Mansion
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Tour of Hydra

If you own a boat, then a tour around the island (about 46 km, or 25 nautical miles) will be an unforgettable experience.

Starting from the port of Hydra, head to the west, and under the bastions with cannons we'll see the rocky coast of Spilia (Cave), a favorite swimming spot in Hydra.

Just after that, we pass the little beach at Avlaki, with its cement pier.

The next beach is the Mikro Kamini (Small Furnace), a beautiful small, pebbly beach with a rocky seabed, beneath the old E. Gikas olive press, which is now the Kastello nightclub.

Then we find the beach of Vlychos, a small, organized pebbly beach with some sand in the beautiful village of Vlychos.

After passing through the village of Plakes Vlychou, we will find the beautiful organized, pebbly, quiet beach of the village with its blue waters. Immediately after that, and before Palamidas, we will see more beautiful small, secluded pebbly beaches with crystal clear waters.

We continue to Palamidas, an old fortification that once defended the island, with the Voulgaris mansion and the shipyard for boat maintenance and repair.

Our next stop is the seaside chapel of Agios (Saint) Kyprianos. According to legend, it was built by a captain who risked his life in rough seas while transporting wine and then promised the saint who was being honored that day that he would construct a chapel using wine in place of water in the building materials.

Immediately afterwards, we arrive at Molos, a very beautiful pine beach with white pebbles. Along the beach, the Tsamados mansion stands out.

At Kaoumithi, we will see a lovely sandy beach with red sand, pine trees, and pebbles, and a rocky sea bottom. It is also accessible via a 1.6 km path from Molos.

The beach immediately after Kaoumithi has a sandy bottom and gorgeous green waters. It is accessible only by sea.

The beach before Bisti has a sandy bottom and pebbles, if you prefer something more solitary. It is also accessible only by sea.

Bisti is the organized beach with white pebbles, a sandy bottom, and the most pine trees on the island. It is accessible by sea or via a long path from Zogeri (4 - 4.5 km).

Right after Bisti Beach, we will find the chapel of Agios Georgios (Saint George). There is no beach, but the area is ideal for swimming in crystal clear waters. It is accessible by sea or via a long path through Episkopi and Zogeri.

Kavouri Cove, at the southernmost tip of Hydra, has a very small, pebbly beach, accessible only by sea. The sea bottom is rocky.

Continuing, we will see impressive sea caves in a landscape of wild natural beauty before Peristeria, at the southwest tip of the island.

In Peristeria we will find an unfrequented beach with red sand and pebbles, immediately after the caves at Bisti. The sea bottom is rocky, and this beach is accessible only by sea.

The next beach is probably the best on the island. Located in the bay of Agios Nikolaos (Saint Nicholas) on the southwestern side of the island, it is organized, with white pebbles and a sandy seabed. To the right, a small beach offers more peace and quiet.

We will not see another large beach until we reach Limioniza. Our next stop will be in Nisiza, a small peninsula after the Akrotiri tou Agiou Ioanni (Saint John Promontory) with two small beaches in the narrow neck of the peninsula. The seabed is rocky; the beaches have both pebbles and stones. They are accessible by sea and via a path (about 2.2 km) from Episkopi (for which Nisiza was the seaport in ancient times).

Next is the little Klimaki beach, an unorganized pebbly beach with crystal clear waters.

As we continue, we will see the seaside chapel of Agios Nikolaos Riga (Saint Nicholas of Riga) in the middle of the south side of the island. It is accessible via paths that start at the Moni Agiou Nikolaou (Saint Nicholas Monastery) and the Moni Profiti Ilia (Prophet Elias, or Elijah, Monastery).

The beach and bay of Limioniza, with the little island at the entrance to the bay, offer the most beautiful natural environment in Hydra. This lovely, quiet pebbly beach is perfect for solitude. It is also accessible via a 700 meter path which starts shortly after the [Moni tou Agiou Nikolaou (Monastery of Saint Nicholas)][TID:22649].

There is great natural beauty in the Avlaki Cove, before the lighthouse at the northeastern tip of the island, with green rocks and waters. Accessible only by sea, this is an ideal spot for swimming from a boat.

The Zourvas lighthouse at the northeastern tip of the island was built in 1883. The height of its tower is 10 meters, and the focal plane is 36 meters. Since 1989 its operation has been completely automatic. It is accessible via a path from the Monastery of Zourvas (4 km, or 1 hour's hike).

Returning via the north side of the island, the coast is rockier, and we will not find large beaches until Mira Mare and Mandraki.

Our first notable stop will be in Lenteza, in a rocky cove on the northeastern side of the island. A 700-meter uphill paved path with steps begins here; in 15 to 20 minutes it will lead us to the road just before the beautiful Monastiri tis Theotokou Zourvas (Convent of the Nativity of the Virgin Mary of Zourva). (The total distance from Lenteza is 1,100 meters.)

We find a very small beach with stones right after Lenteza (when heading toward the port of Hydra).

We see another very small beach with white pebbles and green waters before Mira Mare. Steep vertical cliffs tower above the beach, which is naturally accessible only by sea.

Our last stop before our return to the port of Hydra is the beach of Mira Mare and Mandraki, an organized beach with sand and pebbles. Behind it lies the Mira Mare tourist resort. There are also water sport facilities. The walk from Hydra is 2.5 km; there is also regular daily boat service to and from Hydra.



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[TID:22649]: "Monastery of Saint Nicholas "

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