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Lakonia - Vies - Saint Marina - Petrified Palm Forest
Municipal District
Voies - Neapoli (434)
(Municipal District)

Voies is a Municipal Unit in the Municipality of Monemvasia, with its seat in Neapoli, a town in the area where ancient Voies was located, with a history that begins in the second millennium BC. The Municipal Unit covers the southeastern part of Lakonia, down to Cape Maleas. It is a beautiful place, although relatively unknown, with picturesque villages, natural and cultural attractions, and many delightful solitary sandy beaches. The area of Vatika (another name for Voies) also has a well developed network of trails. The transitions between mountainous, semi-mountainous, and marine areas, as well as the relatively short distances between the villages and the many points of interest in the area, create an ideal hiking network for exploration.

How to Get There

By Road

To reach the Municipal Unit of Voies and Neapoli by road (with your own car or by intercity bus, using KTEL Lakonia), go through Sparta (Sparti) and Molaoi. From Athens (Athina), start on the National Road (Ethniki Odos), heading from Athens to Tripoli, then continue through Sparta (Sparti), Skala, and Molaoi to Neapoli. The national road extends to Sparta (213 km); afterwards, there is a provincial road, with several turns at some points before Sparta. From the turnoff toward Molaoi after Sparta, about 110 kilometers of mediocre roads take us to Neapoli. The total distance from Athens to Neapoli is 330 kilometers; by car, it takes approximately 4 to 4.5 hours.

Approximate Distances

  1. Athens - Neapoli: 330 kilometers
  2. Sparta - Neapoli: 110 kilometers
  3. Molaoi - Neapoli: 50 kilometers
  4. Monemvasia - Neapoli: 37 kilometers

Ferry Connections

Neapoli is the closest point for crossing to Kythira (at Diakofti harbor). There is more than one sailing scheduled every day with the ship F/B Porfyrousa, especially during the summer months. The trip takes 75 minutes.

Eight kilometers northwest of Neapoli, in Pounta, small ferryboats called slippers (pantofles) because of their shape depart for the 10-minute trip to the little island of Elafonisos. They leave frequently, about every half hour, and during the summer months the ferry runs at least until 8:00 in the evening. The cost for two people with a car is approximately 12 Euros.

Useful Telephone Numbers for the Municipal Unit of Voies

Useful Information

  • The entire main road network of the Municipal Unit of Voies that starts from Elika and ends in the south at Velanidia and Valtaki is approximately 35 kilometers long.
  • There are no gas stations near, or south of, Neapoli.


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