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Cultural AttractionArcheological SiteCultural Attraction // Archeological Site

Mesolithic Dwellings

Dating back to the late Mesolithic period (8500-6500 BC), the oldest settlement in the Cyclades was found in the area of Maroulas, northeast of Loutra. Excavations brought to light the foundations of circular or elliptical huts which were probably temporary shelters for hunters or gatherers, as the skeletons of fish, small birds, and animals were also found buried there. Tombs with human remains were also discovered under the foundations of the huts. Today (2020), the visitor sees nothing but the circular shapes of the excavation covered with white protective gravel.


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Altitude (in meters) : 6
Chronological Period : Mesolithic Period
Access : RoadRoad
Dirt roadDirt road
Accessible : NormallyNormally
Duration of Visit : 30 minutes



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