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Kefalovryso - Xidia Area

For an interesting little trip just outside Kalavryta, visit the old lignite installations and the spring at Kefalovryso in the Xidia area. Follow the road to the Monastery of Saint Laura (Agia Lavra), and in the first kilometer you will see an information board about the Chelmos - Vouraikos National Park on your right. Follow the dirt road that heads left for 600 meters, that will take you to the old lignite facilities in the area of Xidia. Even today, you can see layers of rock there that are millions of years old. From this point, follow the uphill path along the stream, and after about 500 meters you will reach Kefalovryso, with water springing up from the ground in the spring time.


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Altitude (in meters) : 864
Access : PathPath
Accessible : ModerateModerate
Duration of Visit : 1 hour


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