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The Saronic Gulf Islands

Get to know the Saronic Gulf Islands


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Aegina, general view of the port
Municipal District
Aegina (798)
(Municipal District)
Agistri -Skala port
Municipal Region
Agistri (204)
(Municipal Region)
Hydra View from Matronis Monastery
Municipal Region
Hydra (309)
(Municipal Region)
Poros -View from Agii Anargiri
Municipal Region
Poros (355)
(Municipal Region)
Agia Paraskevi Beach
Municipal Region
Spetses (563)
(Municipal Region)
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The Islands of the Saronic Gulf


A gorgeous green island in the Saronic Gulf, 4 nautical miles west of Aegina. Although the island is small (13 square kilometers), you can find secluded areas and peaceful, beautiful beaches. Skala (the main port of the island) draws large numbers of tourists. See here for more information.


A historic island, as evidenced by rich archeological findings. The first capital of the Greek state and seat of Governor I. Kapodistrias. Its natural beauty, beautiful beaches, and infrastructure make it an ideal tourist destination. See here for more information.


A beautiful island in the Saronic Gulf, covered with pine trees, and ideal for either short or longer escapes. It offers a surprisingly harmonic combination of the sea, nature, and peace, old and recent Greek history, and a modern lifestyle and entertainment. See here for more information.


One of the most charming Greek islands. It combines beauty, peace, escape, cosmopolitan life, isolation, and history. Although here, in contrast with Hydra, cars are allowed, the island is best seen on foot. See here for more information.


One of the most historic and beautiful islands of Greece, with a major role in the 1821 Revolution against the Ottoman Empire. The entire island is a preserved settlement where wheeled vehicles are forbidden. It is ideal for hikers and nature lovers. See here for more information.

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