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Lesser Cyclades - Kato Koufonissi
Kato Koufonisi (38)

Less than half a nautical mile south of Pano (or Upper) Koufonisi, we find Kato Koufonisi, or Lower Koufonisi. If at some point you find yourself getting tired of the crowds in Pano Koufonisi, hop on a boat, and in 10 minutes it will take you to an unspoiled, uninhabited world without hotels or cars, with just one taverna in Panagia, and the only company the arid landscape, the Cycladic light, and the wonderful beaches. Kato Koufonisi is the ideal place for hiking. It is a small island, so you can literally circle it in less than one day. (The hiking trails do not exceed a total of 14 kilometers.) You will find several good beaches on the island, with the best known Nero (where excursion boats from Pano Koufonisi also stop).

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