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Delphic Oracle
Archeological Site
Delphic Oracle (10)
(Archeological Site)
FOKIDA, DELFI, Municipal Division

Omphalos of the world, the spiritual and religious centre of the ancient world situated in a uniquely beautiful location, among the hillsides and just before the olive grove of Amphissa that leads to the sea.

Archaiological site of Delphi

The magic of the landscape captivates you. From the highest point of the archaeological site just before the Ancient Stadium, the view of the ravine and mountainsides is breathtaking. With this image in the background, the columns of the Temple of Apollo in the foreground inspire awe: awe for the long, rich history of this land, and admiration for the art and skill of its ancient ancestors.

A visit to the Archaeological Site of Delphi is a unique experience, regardless of nationality and race, and whether or not the visitor knows and loves ancient history. Within minutes, the landscape of Delphi, combined with the myths and tales of the past, will conquer the heart and memory of every visitor.

Immediately after entering, as visitors begin to climb the hill, they will encounter the ancient Agora (Marketplace), a remnant of Roman domination of Delphi. Following that, visitors find the Iera Odos (Sacred Way), the Treasury, and the Stoa (Arcade) of the Athenians, as well as the most magnificent monument of the site, the Temple of Apollo. This is where the oracles were given; this is where the rituals took place. The faithful used to form long lines to enter this temple.

Farther up, the Ancient Theater and the Ancient Stadium indicate the central role played by the arts and sports in the lives of the ancients. The Archaeological Museum of Delphi boasts unique examples of sculptural art, most significantly the Charioteer and the Sphinx, as well as many other distinctive exhibits.

In the modern village of Delphi, located about a kilometer after the archaeological site, visitors will find many hotels, restaurants and cafés, many of them overlooking Itea and the olive grove of Amfissa.


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