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Fokida-Trizonia Island
Small Island
Trizonia (9)
(Small Island)

The only inhabited island in the Corinthian Gulf has only 156 inhabitants. With abundant greenery and moderate touristic development, Trizonia has 3 beaches, many tavernas and several cafes. The marina accomodates boats of every kind and size.


The only inhabited island in the Corinthian Gulf, Trizonia, is very close to the north coast: visitors reach it in just 10 minutes, traveling by boat from Chania. The boat service is quite frequent, and the island is small enough that a vehicle is not required there. Next to blue is green, next to sand are pebbles, next to flowering lemon trees are whitewashed houses. Trizonia has a large number of hotels, as well as restaurants that specialize in fish and seafood.


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