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Poros - Agios Athanasios

The town of Poros stands out for its distinctive colour and atmosphere and has been declared an area of preservation.

Charming Poros

The city of Poros is built amphitheatrically on two hills of the island of Sferia. As our ship approaches the port, the historic clock of the island, built in 1927 on a hilltop in Poros, is visible from afar.

As we approach the port, colorful neoclassical buildings along the beach stand out, signaling the beginning of a trip back in time for the visitor. Atop the second hill, we can see a ruined windmill and the church of Agios Athanasios.

A walk in the neighborhoods of the settlement (Brinia, Mylos, Pounta, and Kasteli) leads from the imposing neoclassical buildings of the port, past simple but beautiful houses adorned with flowers in narrow little streets, and finally to the top of the hill where the famous clock stands. The view from this point is superb, since you can admire the slopes of Aderes, the Lemon Forest, and the straits of Poros and Trizina. This walk is highly recommended, especially in order to enjoy the sunset.

Distinguished for its unique character and ambiance, the city of Poros has been preserved as a landmark. The first houses in the area around the clock, which is now called Kasteli, were built in 1463. The settlement gradually expanded toward the coast, and thus the neighborhoods Brinia, Pounta and Mylos formed. Later the area between Pounta and the Navy Conscript Center was inhabited.

Poros has a well developed tourist infrastructure, including accommodation, dining options, and entertainment. The port of Poros is the center of life on the island. We heartily recommend the long promenade along the port, which begins at the mooring site of the ferry to Galatas and continues to the end of the coastal road. During your promenade, you will encounter many facets of life on the island: tourist shops, romantic restaurants, bars, and (in the sea) simple boats, fishing boats, sailboats, and impressive yachts.

Poros is famous for its bottled lemonades and aromatic almond candy. The wine made from the grapes on the Fousa plateau is also excellent.


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