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Tenaron - Mosaics
Archeological Site
(Archeological Site)

The Archaeological Site of Cape Tainaro is located in the area between the village of Kokkinogeia and Cape Tainaro. It includes what is left of the ancient settlement of Tainaro with its impressive mosaics, as well as the Temple of Poseidon of Tainaro.

Αncient Settlement of Cape Tenaro - Mani


Around the bay of the village of Kokkinogeia and Cape Tainaro lies part of the ancient settlement of Tainaro (Tainaron, Tenaron, Taenarum). The many cisterns in the ancient settlement seem to have solved the water problem. An important finding in the settlement is a decorative mosaic from a house floor of the Hellenistic period (1st century AD) called the Star of Aria (Astro tis Arias).

Star of Arias

The settlement of the Tainarians included the famous sanctuary dedicated to Poseidon Tainarios. Some people believe it was located on the site of the ruins of the small post-Byzantine church of Asomatos and claim the church was built using materials from the Temple of Poseidon. However, according to current research data, it is not considered likely that the ancient temple held precisely the position of the Christian church.

Church of Asomatos


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