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Beginning of the Path to Gaidouravlakos Beach

For many, Gaidouravlakos is the island's most beautiful beach. Definitely half of the island’s best pair, when combined with Spilia Beach on the other side of the hill, but also much more difficult to reach. There are two ways to get there: the easiest is by boat from the port, the most difficult but most enjoyable by climbing the hill next to Spilia Beach and descending to Gaidouravlakos Beach on the other side (in 20-25 minutes). The path from Spilia Beach starts a few meters to the right of the natural cave, but it is not very conspicuous. Basically, we climb to the top of the hill and then start descending to the other beach on the far side. There is a path downhill, and it is a good idea to follow it, because the slope is quite steep and needs care. To find the path, as we ascend from Spilia Beach we head a little to the left. On the way down the hill, we can enjoy the beautiful view of Gaidouravlakos Beach as we look forward to a swim in the delightful turquoise water next to it.


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Altitude (in meters) : 6
Distance : 300 meters
Difficulty : ModerateModerate
Style : Nice endNice end



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