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Remains of Ancient Fortifications

In Sfentouri, the narrow cement road that passes through the village ends at the small cemetery of Saint John (Agios Ioannis). From there, two short trails starting to the left (southeast) and right (south) of the cemetery wall will lead us to two very interesting sights, the large stone watering hole called Megali Souvala and the little church of the Saints (Agii) Anargyri. The path to the church of the Saints Anargyri starts to the right (south) of the cemetery entrance and runs parallel to its wall, then climbs up to the top of the rocky hill (292 meters altitude) which houses the little church (total distance: about 250 meters). There is a very nice view of the southern part of the island, Perdika, Nea Moni, Agistri, and Methana. At the top, we can see remnants of ancient fortifications and the foundations of buildings.


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Altitude (in meters) : 293
Access : PathPath
Accessible : ModerateModerate
Duration of Visit : 1 hour


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