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Old Cistern at the Convent of the Virgin Mary the Golden Lioness

Following Path Four (4), starting from the convent of the Virgin Mary the Golden Lioness (Panagia Chrysoleontissa), we climb a smooth path alongside old water pipes, and in about five minutes we reach the impressive plateau of Agios Leontios (or Saint Leontios) with the country church of the same name. Saint Leontios was born in Aegina in the 10th century. The little church was built on top of ancient ruins in the 17th century. Around it we can see a very complex water supply construction, with wells and arches dug into the ground (6 meters deep) as well as watering holes (souvales) cut into rocks. The area was not named Bourdechtis by accident; the word is an idiomatic version of the Greek word ‘omvrodektis,’ which combines ‘omvrios,’ or ‘vrochinos’ (rainwater) with dektis (the recipient) to suggest that the area receives rainwater.


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Altitude (in meters) : 360
Access : PathPath
Accessible : NormallyNormally
Duration of Visit : 20 minutes


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