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Path Eight (8)

Two island associations, the Anavasi Greek Cycling and Hiking Association of Aegina and the Association of Active Citizens of Aegina (Syllogos Energon Politon Aiginas), have cleared and marked ten paths so you can get to know the rich history of the island, its natural beauty, its culture, and its folk tradition. These paths were recently included in the Paths of Culture project of the Elliniki Etairia Society for the Environment and Cultural Heritage. Nine of the ten paths have been numbered. They have a total length of about 45 kilometers and range from easy to moderate. 800 meters from the entrance of Palaiachora on the way to Souvala, we will see a dirt road heading north right at the bend of a very tight (U shaped) left turn. This is where Path Eight (8) begins. It is the only trail that can be crossed on a bicycle. The route travels northeast in a pine forest for 5 kilometers and ends up on the road, 2 kilometers north of Mesagros.


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Altitude (in meters) : 171
Distance : 5200 meters
Duration of Visit : 2 hours 30 minutes
Difficulty : EasyEasy
Style : RomanticRomantic


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