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Cultural AttractionOld FactoryCultural Attraction // Old Factory

G. Nomikos Tomato Factory in Vlychada

Dimitrios Nomikos started producing tomato paste in a preindustrial plant in Messaria in 1915. In 1922, he built one of the first canning factories, the most modern for its time, in Monolithos. In 1945 his son, George Nomikos, built a factory in Vlychada which lacked a roof during its first years, but then evolved into the most modern plant of its kind for its time. In 1971 the factory began exporting its products, and the company also expanded into mainland Greece with a factory in Aliartos, Voiotia which is still processing tomatoes today. Production stopped at the Santorini factories after 1981, when the company opened a second factory in Domokos, Fthiotis that is also still in business. The historic factory of Vlychada has now been converted into an Industrial Museum which offers guided tours (to learn more about the industrial history of the tomato in Santorini) and a space for art and events.


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Altitude (in meters) : 1
Time Reference : 1945
Access : RoadRoad
Accessible : NormallyNormally
Duration of Visit : 15 minutes


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