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Path Two (2)

Sign for Path 2, the (partly cobblestone) path that connects Mesa Gonia with Pyrgos and Emporio. It starts in Mesa Gonia, climbs to Pyrgos, and then descends to Emporio with its Venetian castle, which is called Kasteli. The total length of the path is 4,400 meters, and the estimated hiking time is approximately two hours. This point here is about in the middle, just outside of Pyrgos on the way to the monastery of the Prophet Elias (Profitis Ilias). From here, Pyrgos is 5 minutes away, Mesa Gonia about 50 minutes, and Emporio, to the south, about 55 minutes.


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Altitude (in meters) : 318
Distance : 4400 meters
Duration of Visit : 2 hours
Difficulty : ModerateModerate
Style : ScenicScenic


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