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Path Three (3) - to Kamari

The route starts in Kamari, follows an initially wide cobblestone path, and ends at Ancient Thera. On the way up, we will pass the little church of the Life-Giving Spring (Zoodochos Pigi). The distance from Kamari to the archaeological site is 1,600 meters, and the estimated ascent time is one hour. From the archaeological site (the location shown here), the trail descends gently to the touristic Perissa (1,300 meters, estimated time 35 minutes). This is the beginning of the path to Kamari and the church of the Life-Giving Spring (Zoodochos Pigi).


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Altitude (in meters) : 228
Distance : 1600 meters
Duration of Visit : 1 hour
Difficulty : ModerateModerate
Style : ScenicScenic
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