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Neo Petritsi

Built in the eastern foothills of Mount Beles, Neo (or New) Petritsi is located a short distance from the point where the Strymonas River leaves the Strait of Roupel. The village is named after the nearby town that today belongs to Bulgaria. After the second Balkan War, the Greek community of the Bulgarian town of Petritsi abandoned that town and moved to the settlement of Neo Petritsi. With about 1900 inhabitants today, it is one of the largest villages in the area.


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Altitude (in meters) : 98
Population 2011 : 1932
Type of Place : QuietQuiet
Kallikratis Code : 1207050101
Administrative Center of : Municipal District

The valley of Neo Petritsi is an oasis of coolness and rejuvenation
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Valley of Petritsi
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