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We wholeheartedly recommend that you visit this village, one of the loveliest in the area. Lapanagoi is in beautiful surroundings, between the imposing Gerakovouni to the west, the historic Kafkarias to the north, and Makellaria Rock, with its Monastery of the Virgin Mary, as if suspended in the air, to the south. Today, Lapanagoi is almost deserted, with fewer than 20 permanent residents. Most of its stone houses are closed up, as are the former school and its churches. Even the grand Church of the Dormition is slowly slipping toward the precipice and urgently needs help to avoid being lost for good.


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Popularity: 550


Altitude (in meters) : 704
Population 2011 : 20
Type of Place : ScenicScenic
Kallikratis Code : 3705012001
Administrative Center of : Municipal/Community Area


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