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"On the Lousoi plain, just before we turn left towards Ancient Lousoi and Lousiko village, we can see on our left hand side, an information hut of Kalavryta Municipality about the National Park Chelmos-Vouraikos, which informs us about the sights of the area: to begin with Ancient Lousoi and then two geological points of interest, the sinkholes and the 'Kaliakoudotrypa"" cave. The large sinkhole is 200 metres from the information hut, on a dirt road that leaves to the left. It drains the Lousous plain, that often floods in the winter and becomes a large lake. At its entrance, for reasons of safety, iron bars have been placed. This is the largest sinkhole but not the only one. There are others a little to the right at the bottom of the rocks that stand in front of us."


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Altitude (in meters) : 968
Access : Dirt roadDirt road
Duration of Visit : 30 minutes
Accessible : ModerateModerate


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