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Sikinos: The Pleasure of Seclusion

Between Ios and Folegandros, the island of Sikinos attracts visitors seeking a quiet vacation, small hotels, little restaurants and uncrowded beaches.


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The sun sets over the houses of Kastro and the monastery of Zoodochou Pigis in Sikinos
Sikinos (141)
KIKLADES, SIKINOS, Municipal Division
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Between Ios and Folegandros, the island of Sikinos attracts visitors seeking a quiet vacation, small hotels, little restaurants and uncrowded beaches.

With just 250 residents and three villages, Sikinos is not a large island or a well developed touristic destination. And that is precisely the reason its visitors prefer it. In the three settlements, you will find small scale hotel units (mainly studios and rooms for rent) and a few tavernas, cafés, and bars. The port is located in Alopronia, and four kilometers above it are the other two villages that make up the Chora (main town) of Sikinos, Chorio and Kastro.


The medieval village of Kastro is one of the most picturesque in the Aegean. Perched on a hillside, the village is not accessible by car. It has two entrances where visitors can park in order to continue to Kastro on foot. Narrow alleyways, stone cobbled streets, traditional houses, and picturesque churches complete the picture of Kastro, the largest village on the island. Kastro and Chorio, which is located a few meters away on the opposite hillside, make up the Chora (main town) of Sikinos. A steep path leads from Kastro to the Monastery of Zoodochos Pigi, or Convent of the Life Giving Spring. The historic monastery offers spectacular views of the island.


The village of Chorio (whose name means “village”) is the most traditional, because it has the fewest services for tourists. The village does not offer any hotels or many cafés or tavernas, but consists mainly of houses.


The port of Sikinos is located in the village of Alopronia, on the northeastern side of the island. Next to the harbor is Alopronia Beach, which attracts many people, from families to groups of young people. Alopronia offers a variety of options for accommodation and food. Along the bay by the harbor, guests will also find options for a night out.

Sikinos Trails

The Greek Company of the Environment and Culture and the Municipality of Sikinos are collaborating to implement the “Paths of Culture” program, selecting and marking a series of routes in order to offer visitors the opportunity to discover experientially the primitive, simple and beautiful landscape of the island. By 2016 they had marked seven trails.

In addition, it is worth visiting the rare, striking monument of Episkopi. This is a 3rd century AD Roman funerary monument which has suffered various alterations through the centuries but is still an impressive building in the hinterland of Sikinos.

Regarding beaches, in addition to Alopronia and Agios Georgios, which are accessible via paved road, it is worth visiting the beach of [Malta][TID:41690 ] on the northeastern side of the island, either via footpath or by boat from Alopronia.

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