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Get to know Trizinia

The region is touristically very interesting, as it offers as much in the way of exploring as for quiet holidays away from crowds in places where you can imagine that time has stopped years back.


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Trizina (220)
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Trizinia: A Return to the Past

When we refer to Trizinia, we are referring to the mainland region that covers geographically the east end of the Perfecture of Argolida but administratively belongs to the Region of the Islands. The region has as a natural boundary towards the south the mountain range of the Aderes and towards the north the Bay of Epidaurus and the Straight of Poros. Its SE extremity starts a little after Metochi (opposite Hydra) and in its NW extremity about 5km before turning towards Dryopi on the road to Palaia Epidauros. Its entire coastline exceeds 50km.

The area is very interesting from the point of view of tourism, as it offers opportunities as much for exploring as for quiet holidays away from the crowds in places where you could say that time has stopped years back. In this respect, it resembles very much the impressions left by our visit to the Methana peninsula which we presented elsewhere in our guide. Of course, if we wish to live at a more intense rhythm and seek out people, action and fun then we have only to visit Galata and the beautiful, small island of Poros right opposite.

Sightseeing in this area follows the direction of the coastal road from the NW entrance to Trizinia up to its SE end 2km before Metochi. The entire distance is 47.2km. Along the way we can go into the mainland from the coastal road and go up towards the slopes of the Aderes and Argolida.

We can divide our sightseeing into three sections:

Sightseeing in North-West Trizinia
starts from our going into Trizinia from Palaia Epidaurus and also including the west side of the peninsula of Taktikoupoli.

Sightseeing in Central Trizinia
covers the area of Trizina and of Galatas up to Saronida

Sightseeing in the South-East side of Trizinia
(a part of which belongs administratively to Poros) and ends just before Metochi (2km inside the Department of Argolida).

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