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The Peleta Sinkhole is the deepest in the Peloponnese. Located 1.5 kilometers southeast of the village at Kato Kampos, it can be reached by car, on a dirt road, then off road for a short distance. So far, it has been explored down to a depth of 630 meters.


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Altitude (in meters) : 647
Access : Dirt roadDirt road
Duration of Visit : 30 minutes
Accessible : ModerateModerate

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1500 meters southeast of beautiful Peleta at Kato Kampos, we will find the impressive Peleta Sinkhole.

The Peleta Sinkhole is the deepest in the Peloponnese, and one of the five deepest in Greece. So far, it has been explored down to a depth of 630 meters. Before its exploration, the deepest cave in Kynouria was thought to be the Propantes Cave in the area of Paleochori near Leonidio (315 meters deep).

Of course we do not attempt to "explore" a sinkhole unless we have the required knowledge, equipment, and team.


Peleta Sinkhole

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How to Get There

To get to the sinkhole, we leave Peleta and turn right at a small sign on a wall, heading toward Mygdalia. Approximately 100 meters before we cross a little bridge, we turn right and follow the dirt road that heads off obliquely to the right of the road. We continue on that smooth dirt road (as the map shows) until we reach a private photovoltaic park. We have to leave the dirt road there and turn right (with the park on our right), following faint tire tracks right off the road. We continue as long as the tracks are visible. The total distance from the center of Peleta is approximately 1,500 to 1,600 meters. The sinkhole is not visible from the point where we stop; we need to go left toward the depression full of dense vegetation.


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