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Loulougas Gorge

North of Sitaina, about an hour's walk on the footpath that used to connect Sitaina with Platanos will take us down to the Loulougas Gorge, with its impressive 30 meter waterfall and very beautiful little lakes.


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Altitude (in meters) : 405
Access : PathPath
Duration of Visit : 2 hours 30 minutes
Accessible : DifficultDifficult

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North of Sitaina, a 45 to 60 minute walk on the footpath that used to connect Sitaina with Platanos will take us down 180 meters to the entrance of the famous Loulougas Gorge, one of the most beautiful in Greece. Its most impressive sight is the large 30 to 40 meter waterfall which empties into a very small lake.

In the gorge, there are several lakes and many impressive caves, such as the Karachalios and Kaliotzis caves.


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How to Get There

Entering Sitaina coming from Platanos, we turn left on the road at the bridge, heading north. We go straight for about 300 meters until we find a wooden sign on our right that points toward Loulougas Gorge. Watch carefully, because the sign is hard to see if we are in the car.

At this point, the path starts, and we must continue on foot. About 4.5 kilometers long, this flagstone path is the old trail that connected Sitaina with Platanos. (It is worth the effort to walk along it to enjoy the view of the Koutoupou Gorge, with the Myrtoan Sea in the background.)

Approximately 1600 meters from the beginning of our journey from Sitaina, we will leave the path to Platanos and begin our descent to Loulougas Gorge. There is a sign at that point to guide us. The distance from here to the entrance of the gorge is about 400 to 450 meters, and we descend from 580 meters altitude to 400 meters.

The route requires some care; it is a bit steep, and just before we reach the gorge we will grasp a rope left there so we can feel more secure!

Approaching the gorge, we will hear the water flowing in the Loulougas Stream, which runs through the gorge (and will later form the Vrasiatis River, after Tripotama). Soon after, we will face the impressive crevice of the gorge—a unique experience. We will need to walk through the stream, stepping in and out of the water, to proceed through the gorge.

Passing through the gorge, we will reach the meeting point with the Koutoupou Stream after about 350 meters. After another 200 or 250 meters, we will arrive at the spot where we can ascend to the Byzantine castle of Zangoli and the small church of the Virgin Mary of Zangoli.


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